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Established in 2006, Hoang Minh Nhat joint stock company has been providing the highest quality rice to our clients for 14 years, utilizing the most technologically advanced processing methods. Along with our modern technical solutions, our team consitsts of talented management and qualified and experience personel. We are capable of processing and providing a wide range of rice varieties to meet both domestic and international markets.




We specialize in:

1. The entire rice production process, from cultivation to post production for exportation.

2. Multistage milling processes.

3. Rice trade.

4. Feed processing for cattle, from byproducts of rice production (bran, broken rice, ect).

5. Transportation though inland waterways.



1. Business Registration

2. Hoang Minh Nhat Catalogue

3. Certificate of food safety and hygiene

4. Rice Export License

5. HACCP Certificate Of Registration

6. Prime Minister Of Certification




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