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About Hoang Minh Nhat Co, Stock

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About Us

HMNFOODCO is one of the top providers of various rice products in Vietnam with complete rice processing production lines, including two main processing and storage facilities in Can Tho City and two additional processing and storage facilities in Dong Thap Province. The company is focused on the cultivation and processing of high-quality rice products compared to our competition, while also investing in extending the range of our target market internationally.



Our Story

Established in 2006, HMNFOODCO grew to become one of the largest rice exporters in the country and became an essential part of the rice production market in processes including cultivating, producing, trading, and exporting within the country and internationally.

HMNFOODCO became an official member of the Vietnam Food Association (VFA) and received a certificate by the Ministry of Industry and Trade No. 121 / 10-2018-CT / GCN 08/10/2018.

Our company is certified by the food safety local and international authorities, including ISO 22000, BRC, HACCP, FDA (USA), etc.

We ensure that our products are of highest standards and aligned with the rice market requirements. Our products are demonstrated at exhibitions around the world to showcase and allow potential customers to examine and learn about our products.

Last year, our annual production has significantly increased to 90,000 tons to meet market demand.


Our Mission

Deliver better quality of rice, better safety, better health.

Our Values

The 4 core values that help us focus on how we achieve our mission are:

• Impact:

We strive to be a valuable contributor to the global rice

We make decisions that prioritize long-term impact over short-term profit

We use our commitment to excellence and professional expertise deliver better quality of products to improve people’s lives

• Integrity:

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards

We ensure our words are consistent with our actions

We take ownership of our actions and decisions

• Customer Focused:

We put the interests our customers first

We use our knowledge and experience to help our customers reducing cost and improve efficiency

We deliver for our customer with honesty, flexibility, and agility

• Innovation:

We aim to obtain other certificates in food safety and production processes

We invest in new machineries and technologies

We reflect on, and learn from, mistakes and failures


Modern Facilities

Investing in modern production chains and new technology has enabled us to produce highest quality rice and customize our product offerings to meet specific needs of customers.


Diversity in Target Market

By consistently maintaining and delivering high quality product offerings, our company has been able to expand internationally to different markets, including:

- African: Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria…

- Europe: German, French, Netherlands, Sweden, Turkey, Russia, Belarus…

- Southeast Asia: Malaysia, Timor-Leste…

- Middle East: Qatar, Oman, Israel…

- North America: USA, Canada.

- Australia.


Our Product Offering

We offer a wide variety of products:

• Regular: Brown rice, Long Grain White Rice, Medium Grain White Rice, and Short Grain White Rice, etc.

• Special: Japonica rice for Japanese Sushi rice.

• Fragrant: Jasmine Rice, OM 18, and Fragrant Long Grain White Rice, etc.

• Special breeds: ST21, ST24, and ST25, etc.

• Dried rice specifically made-to-cook fried rice and rice with sauce.

• Rice materials to make noodle, cake, and rice powder.


Hoang Minh Nhat Joint Stock Company has more than 17 years of experience in the production and processing of rice for export. With modern machinery and technology system as well as experienced staffs and skillful workers, we are able to supply all kinds of rice products to meet the needs of domestic and international customers from Asia (Southeast Asian countries), the Middle East, Europe, America and Africa,...





We specialize in:

1. Rice planting areas, rice processing plant supplying for export and local consumption

2. Purchasing and selling rice

3. Supplying raw materials for animal feed processing from rice by-products (bran, broken rice, etc.)



- Long grain white rice includes: ST25, Jasmine, Japonica, fragrant rice, KDM, ect.

- Types of White rice that have the characteristic of soft, flexible, and fragrant.



1. Business Registration

2. BRCGS FOOD Certification - Global Standard Food Safety

3. Rice Export License

4. Prime Minister Of Certification

5. Certificate HACCP Codex Alimentarius

6. FDA Approved - Certificate of Registration

7. ISO 22000:2018

8. Validate safe food supply chain products



Company and Business: Various Rice Products

Address: 18/2, 922 Road, Thoi Lai District, Can Tho City, Vietnam.

Office: +84 0292-368-1171

Fax: +84 0292-368-1119




Mr. Đỗ Quang Duy - Vice President, Export-Import Trading: +84 886-558-859

Mr. Trần Quốc Nam - Vice President, Europe: +84 907-368-699

Mr. Từ Vinh Tài - Director of Operations, North America: +1 703-426-1781

Mr. Từ Chí Hưng, CFA - Advisor: +1 703-955-1638



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